Our product design and development team focus on conceptualising, designing and developing product concepts and graphic arts, and researches on the characteristics of the materials so as to provide production advices on how such designs are transformed into physical products.
In order to keep abreast of the trends in homeware products and to ensure that our homeware products are more associated as fashionable items, our product design and development team is responsible for determining the seasonal themes, main colours and materials to be used, analyzing, identifying and monitoring new market trends, new materials and colour trends and design updates on products.


In additional to our experience in the field, we continue to develop new and charming designs to meet the ever-changing trends to satisfy our customers' requirements. Our strong design team is the key of success to customer.
Our customer can come to our showroom during our trade fairs held in Shenzhen, PRC, and selected design collections which can be changed by our design and development team based on customers’ comments. In some situations, our customer may provide us with a general concept and/or theme book for the type of homeware products that our customers want, pursuant to which we will come up with our pattern or product design by coupling with our experience in homeware production.